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Weekend adventure, the condensed version....


Drive down and experience Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" along the way. Migrating birds and a SHITLOAD of them. It was literally like watching that movie in real life.

Get to stormcloude's, and herophelia comes over.... watch "Fruits Basket" first 12 episodes.. round about 2 am I go out to smoke and see tow truck, towing away car just as I walk out. herophelia has her car towed


She was legally parked we all checked. But stormcloude has a pissy ex-cop neighbor who wanted to park his van where Oppie was parked.

Never mind that he already has 3 garage spaces, he wanted her spot on the street too.


We all die of exhaustion around 3 am.

Back up at nine... call windsorblue at around ten and arrange to meet at "Book OFF" in Costa Mesa at 1pm...

leave to go get herophelia's car out of impound...

get car go to meet windsorblue.

We meet Windsor and have a good time spending money on pretty manga.. go to eat lunch.

Next door to the restaurant is a Kinokuniya bookstore... SHIT.

I find the Fruits Basket Manga up to volume 8... I spend more money. ;_; DOUBLE SHIT

I have to go to the bathroom by now, so I walk back over to restaurant to visit the loo.

Leave... walking down the street, we get at least a block down the street and I realize I've left my Manga on the back of the toilet when Stormy says "D's where's your books?"

Note: had not noticed on my own. Some detective I'd make. ><__><


RUN MY ASS *LITERALLY RUN* back a block and grab my books off toilet.

Waitress laughs at me I run my ass back to corner. Where Stormy, Oppie, and Windsor laugh at me.

We part ways and I give Windsor a GLOMP for mojo3x4x3.

The three of us left go back to Stormy's begin second half of Fruits Basket series.... get a Sack of Taco Bell tacos and pig out while watching anime.

I feel like a pampered Kitty while watching cause I'm having a Yuri moment and am sort of in "snuggle mode" with Oppie on the couch, I can't even begin to describe the odd ball sprawl we're in on Stormy's very comfy couch.

And Oppie has a "I have to fiddle with things" fetish.

So she fiddles with my head and hair for oh... about 4 hours.

No not kidding the time frame there. Cause we have finished Fruits Baskets and are Watching Yami no Matsuei when she started "fiddling" and we were into episode 9 when bedtime called to us. She began fiddling before episode one started. So nine half hour episodes, you do the math.

I am sooooooo not complaining, I love my head scratched and if I could PURR I would have been purring.

Now it's almost 4 am Sunday Morning at this point and we need SLEEP.

Get up at nine, Oppie goes home, I down coffee in a can, I don't even get dressed, I'm still in my t-shirt and sweats, Plop on my hat, grab my gear, and try to call ashkitty at around 10 am since it's her b-day.

She was still asleep, so left message with her roommate to wish her a happy b-day for me, get in my car... drive 4 hours HOME

Get Home around 3 pm, die for 2 hours and take a nap.

check e-mail, get pissed off at stupid people, enter this in my Live Journal.

That I think was a busy weekend, and I have to go to work tomorrow damn it.

I'm so tired.

So how was everyone else's weekend?


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