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Get Backers Commercial Spot Script:

TAKE ONE! (Clapboard sound effect... roll film!)

Scene Fade in:
Kazuki and Clayman enter the grocery store and head down the deodorant aisle

They both stop in front of the "Secret" brand section... both pick up a stick, and look at it with confusion marring their faces...

A huge slogan appears at the bottom of the screen:

Strong enough for a Man, but Made for a Woman

They both look up at each other and say in unison


Announcer 1: Ginji (in Chibi Tare form pops up in lower right hand corner of the screen)

"Ano? Ban-Chan..."

Announcer 2: Ban (Slides in from the left hand side of the screen, in the background Clayman and Kazuki are still sweat-dropping at the product.)

"Forget about it Ginji... Even we could not get back the answer to this question..."

(Scene Fades to Black)

Fade into Next commercial break an Akabane infomercial for Ginsu Knives...

The previous Bad pun(s) brought to you by a sleep deprived D!

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