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Birthday -- Feel Good --Sharing TIME!

First to everyone who wishes me good vibes.. THANKS!

Second.. Ruth (just_ruth and Marirose: I got the cookies, but the 106 degree heat here in Cali, and the like 180 degree heat in my mailbox (Metal box, direct sunlight...) um.... They are all one lump I'm afraid to eat now. But THANK YOU JUST THE SAME!

Third, Mom and Dad rock... I got the LotR Two Towers DVD, and watched it and all the special features until my eyes bled. They also got me a gift card to Border's and I got myself a new and more comprehensive Japanese/English dictionary AND...

Something I'm going to share with all of you!

BEFORE Weird Al Yankovic, BEFORE Dr. Demento, BEFORE Spike Jones... there was STAN FREBERG

My all time favorite of the "de-composers". This is where all the above mentioned men LEARNED IT FROM.

I had "The Very Best of Stan Freberg" on record when I was a kid... I wore this album OUT 25 years ago... Border's had it on CD! WOOT!

And I must say even after not hearing this record in 25 years, I still knew every word, every punch line, every sound effect verbatim and it *STILL* makes me laugh my ever loving ass off.

Now it's dated material, seeing as these songs Mr. Freberg "de-composed" were pop hits of his era (1950-1958) (Just like Weird Al does today) but damn, it's still side splitting fun (at least for me.)

SO I ripped the CD to MP3 so I could share my B-day giggles and guffaws with all my friends! I guarantee, whether you realize it NOW or not, every single one of you have heard at least one track off this album at LEAST once in your life.

ENJOY! ====> DOWNLOAD THE HILARITY "The Very Best of Stan Freberg" (29,749 KB)

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