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Diddle, the sequel

I'm still bleah,

I'm worried about a dear friend and her woes that keep mounting and wishing there was ANYTHING I could do to help.

But there isn't unless I become a brilliant surgeon with the answers to all medical ailments while simultaneously being able to grant her immediate tenure to the University of her Choice.


I hate being powerless when my friends suffer. And I know when I'm upset the last thing I want to do is have my friends ask me Questions about it, or worse, "want to talk about it". I would rather get through the nightmare first *THEN* talk about it, so I never ask questions just offer listening skills...

Because, really giving sympathy comments just sit bad with me. They always read like so much empty air or god forbid sound like pity.

I'm always glad my friend care, I guess because I am so emotional myself I'd rather not have to deal with other people's emotions at the same time, it gets too much.

So here I am sitting, restless, worried and concerned.

And angry I can't do anything more.

I've not heard from Bubba in a few days, and I'm also worried his mom pulled the plug but don't want to jump to conclusions. It's only been a few days, and I asked Bubba to have her contact me so we could talk, I'm afraid she's just shut the door, but I have my fingers crossed.

On a much brighter note, I'm off tomorrow night for a quickie trip down to Long Beach to visit stormcloude and hopefully get to meet windsorblue (I got your cell phone and I'll call you Saturday morning when I'm coherent and caffeinated! (How do you spell that word, is it a word? It has me and MSWord stumped.)

Stormy get the DVD player fired up lassie muwhahaha.

What else? I'm forgetting something I know it...

But my brain is beaten to a pulp this week from work, I'm tired, I'm worried about friends, I have a long drive tomorrow and I've yet to pack. Gotta get the oil changed tomorrow just in case, get cash from the bank, EEK wash some clothes so I don't have to go south nekkid or worse stinky *GRIN*.

And work half day tomorrow morning ta boot. I'll be dead for days after this weekend I just know it.

Note to self: Over 30 means... You're too old for this shit!

Oh to be 18 again when I could pull 72 hours of non-stop action out of my ass before I dropped. I can barely pull 12 anymore without a nap.


Which Valdemar Character are you?

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