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Too much Red Dwarf

And it warps your perspective....

And I found a Red Dwarf Slash Fic Archive...


Lister x Rimmer slash! OH no!


Some people will slash anything.

I mean I do realize Kryten has groinal attachments and that alone is worthy of some hilarious slashfic...

and the Cat is beyond sexy... but... I have my limits. And this screencap is just a slash fic waiting to happen:

Cat: "You thinking what I'm Thinking?"
Lister: "Yup, one look and the slashgals will have a field day with this image"
Cat: "I get to be top this time, you were top last time."
Lister: "Smeg... alright. But you buy me a lager and vindaloo later."
Cat: "Only if it's later. Your ass is a loaded weapon if you eat that BEFORE.. ya know."
Lister: "and no edible fish lube! It stinks."
Cat: "You can tell? You already stink..."</b>

And yes, I could run with this conversation for days!


Hey ashkitty... ever thinking on finishing that RD/GW crossover? That was just too funny to let die. I've re-read that a dozen times or more, and I'm still waiting for Trowa to get zapped by the polymorph (Not to mention it was right at the good bit too with Dom Quatre!) LOL

Can I bribe you with anything there?

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