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(Ficlet/Drabble) 250 Words

Title: Bunny Slippers be Damned
Major pairing: 3x4
Rating: R
Genre: Drabble / Ficlet in 250 Words Quatre POV

Disclaimer: Trowa and Quatre belong to me (In my dreams). In reality they are slaves to Bandai... Oh! Bondage! *snerk*

I sit here, and I cannot help but chuckle to myself and wonder what I should do. You see I caught an early shuttle to see you, you don’t know yet that I’m here in the stands watching your act.

I’m not the only one it seems who appreciates the costume or lack of it you wear either. You are every woman’s fantasy, and every gay boy’s wet dream.

I listen to the two girls sitting beside me, and I have to fight not to laugh. I wonder if I should turn to them and blow their little fantasy and confirm you are indeed a “tiger in the sack”.

Or I wonder if I should just file this information away and make you blush with it later. I’m sure you have to know women talk about you when you perform, but getting a recap of one conversation will be a good trump card for me later tonight when I’m clad in only the slippers I leave in your trailer. I will have you at my mercy, you’ll be flushed, flattered, embarrassed, and you’ll feel the need to prove to me I am the only one in your life.

People think I’m naive - I’ve cultivated that image nicely. I know what I want, I got him, or rather I got you, and occasionally I like to prove I’m not so innocent and bunny slippers be damned, I like it rough.

You’ll assert that gruff and primal side when I play this card.

I can’t fucking wait. Don’t worry ladies, I’ll send you pictures.


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