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Request to Cease and Desist

To all of you who are e-mailing flames to the eBay woman who was selling the iron ons with the fanart on them.

Please STOP!

I'm getting the fallout from YOUR flames. I never asked any of you to e-mail this woman directly with your anger.

She thinks I did, and I am getting chewed out via e-mail because people have taken it upon themselves to flame her personally.

GAH! STOP! That's not cool people. Please, stop.

Thanks for being a supporter, but I don't need you flaming her on my and others behalf.

Please stop and if you did send her e-mails, please I'm begging you to e-mail an apology.

You're giving me a massive headache, you're not helping matters folks.

If anything you've made it exponentially WORSE.

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