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Ever want to know....

Ever wonder how spam engine's work?

How they generate bogus reply to address to send you CRAP?

I do because...

I usually have spam daily that says it's FROM 'fablespinner' but the e-mail address is like fablespinner@YUFNGOQWJKMVFPfqxpt.com

Today I crapped myself laughing...

today the subject header read: "fablespinner! LOW MORTGAGE RATES 6.9%apr"

Who was it from?

TROWA BARTON e-mail trowa_barton@stupidrandomletters.com

Looks like Trowa after the war has turned to real estate financing as a career!


And a personal comment...
I've had a migraine for 2 days, it's really bad this morning, I wish it would go away. *sigh*

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