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Random whining, BT and Quizzage

stolen from durberville

Ahhhh, I Love him, he's fantastic in everything I've ever seen him in...

Ian McKellen!
Ian McKellen. You like that old-fashioned charm. So
what if he's gay? It's not like you could date
him anyways.

Which LOTR Cast Member do you have a Secret Crush on?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm so not interested in dating anyway so it's a moot point. No, not even Orlando Bloom, beyond just going to get a cup of coffee or something.
I'm serious, I'll go out and have fun and socialize, but no more relationships... UGH, never, ever again. I have a horrible track record, I know when to quit when the chips are down.

And thanks to Stormy sending me THIS LINK

I am in a state of desire that knows no bounds!!! God it sucks being a BROKE OTAKU!

I want the translated GB manga Baaaaaaaaaaad!!! It sucks though that TokyoPop is so EXPENSIVE!!!


I can buy the Japanese Manga Used and it damn near mint condition for $1.50 each (I got the first 8 GB mangas that way) but at $10 bucks a pop, and GB already being 23 volumes and still going strong in Japan I am doing some scary math in my head on how much I'm going to fork out to own this series where I can flipping read it.

Lessons in reading Kanji would be cheaper I think in the long run.


But finally a new BT too

Inu Yasha 119 (Fangirl Friday-Anime Forever)

I really need to start burning these eps onto disks, I have almost 60 gigs of episodes on my Hard drive.. EEP!!!! I've been slacking in the transfer to disk department recently.

I'll be burning eps to CD a full day now it seems, I have a slower burner.

And one last Bitchy note, DeviantArt apparently never learned the phrase "If it's not broke Don't fix it"

They've implemented a "NEW AND IMPROVED" system... It sucks rocks.

It's complicated, it's annoying, the message features has gone by the way of the do-do and then some.. the bad design knows no limits.

I want version 2 back, it was clean and efficient!

Ah well, not my site, they can redesign if they want too, but ugh... What a pain to deal with.

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