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Time to bitch about company management and their excuses to extend my Temp stats so they don't have to pay me benefits.

I could see it coming, the first problem they had I with Quality I fixed and THEN SOME.

The "new" problem is so overly and obviously contrived it's not worth my time or effort to explain in full.

So I've ANOTHER 90 days to go (Which will bring me to 9 months with this company) before they review my file for permanent employment. And I'm sure at the end of this 90 days there will be yet another reason to extend the Temp Status to a Year.

I've never worked for such a fucked up company in my life. But I'm STUCK.

Visalia is a TEMP AGENCY GESTAPO! No where in this town hires direct, I KNOW I went door to door when I moved here last March.

I temped from March - August when The place I'm at now (One of the places I hit door to door in March) called me and offered me a position. The first 6 months on temp status to see "How I fit in".

My 6 months is just about up.... I had a really ROUGH start there, the training was HORRIBLE and when you don't show someone to hit this button orders will not go out right.

But that problem was fixed at about 3 months in and the last 3 months I've had almost PERFECT Quality reports so they can't bitch about that anymore. But trust the workers when they tell you "They'll find or make up reasons to keep you from a raise or job offer" cause it's soooooo TRUE.

This time? Because I said no to working a Saturday... ONCE
Because the gave me 2 hours notice on a Friday Afternoon and I had my car in the shop and had no RIDE the next day. Had they given me 24 hours there would have been no problem. 2 hours? NOT!

But that's the "Attendance Problem" that one day put me .058% below standard


note that number


That's ALL

Talk about hard to please ne? Standard Absence percentage to work ratio is 1.0%
(Whatever that means and how they come by it I don't know, I'm NOT a number or stat person)

I'm at 1.058%

I've missed 2 days in 6 months to illness, they added the Saturday I said "no" to as another absence.

Nice huh?

Their reasoning "Saturday is a work day here and when we need you on a Saturday and you refuse it's an absence."




And there is nowhere else to go in Hicksville. I'm stuck at this Job, which pays shitty too.

But there are no other jobs in town. Only temp jobs and you can't get benefits through them either.

At least here there is a *CHANCE* eventually.

COME ON LOTTO! I'd quit so fast heads would spin!

I'm this close to saying FUCK IT and going to McDonald's.

I'd get the same pay and benefits (I think, unless MickeyD's here is different than when I worked for them 15 years ago.)

I'd not have the stress and I can say "You want Fries with that?"

But damn, I THOUGHT I'd moved on.


On a brighter note. Bubba wrote me again.

Oh excuse me... QUATRE wrote me again. (I had his age wrong too, he's 13 not 14. Bad D!)

I have to call him QUATRE, cause it's and I quote "COOL!"

(I set him up an e-mail and he chose to be "Quatre@gwfp.zzn.com")

and "It's just COOL to be called Quatre!"

He also thinks it's "COOL" (his word du jour) that there are "lots of Gundam Wing Fans that are my Friends".

I told him we weren't any different than he was, that even old people like me like Anime. (To Him I'm "SO OLD! Like God You're over 30! ")

*Gee thanks a lot Bubba, twist that knife why dontcha?*

But he's excited. *GRIN*

I also find out today that for the past 2 years he's been taking Violin lessons *because Quatre plays it* and he likes it. And his picture request I have to draw for him is "Quatre riding a camel... OH! AND playing his violin"


Just thinking of the mechanics of that picture is making my brain hurt. I asked him if he minded me doing 2 pictures instead because all three of those in one picture, I can't even begin to picture it in my head without thinking how IMPOSSIBLE that sounds!


I'm positive this is MY CHILD, weirdness and all.

Literally I'm not kidding when I say I have not spoken to this boy in 4 years, so none of his obsession is my fault.

I want to keep him, can I?


I told him to have his mother call me, I *NEED* to speak to Sandra. I don't want to be cut out of his life because she hates my cousin, and I'll swear on whatever she wants me to swear on I'll not give anyone else in the family their address, but I've so much "STUFF" I can send him.

I was his age when I got the Anime bug bite, and I had NO ONE in the family who could help me get it.

I can HELP, I as Bubba says "You So GET IT Aunt Dana! No one Here understands."

(He's my cousin's kid but, you know... when he was little it was just easier for him to call me Aunt Dana than "Your Cousin once removed." LOL)

But like I said, I can get him the stuff he wants (And what is appropriate) How many clueless people buy that Sakura Diaries DVD in Suncoast only to get it home and find Hentai?

The warnings are almost non-existent on that.

I do NOT want them to Buy Anime willy-nilly for him (If they buy "Silly Cartoons" at all, *grumble*)

I KNOW what is out there, what is appropriate and what is NOT, etc... I want her to let me get him stuff.

Keep your fingers crossed she calls me and we can work something out.

Just because she hates the Ex I hope I can still be apart of Bubba's life. I love this boy.

Pretty obvious huh? I'm gushing like he's my kid.



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