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We have a genius in the family!!!

WOW. I just heard my 15 year old "cousin" (She's my father's cousin's daughter... but we're VERY close) is a certified genius!

Katie, now I remember her mother being VERY pregnant with her as we sat up all night in her father's recording studio one night when I was 16. I was recording my album, and we were REALLY tired and about 3 AM busted out the video camera and made some rather damning and incriminating, blackmail inducing home movies/homemade music videos.

HEH HEH, but I digress... O_O

Anyway, Katie's mom basically abandoned her right after she was born and My "uncle" Mike raised her by himself.

Now... Mike is a pretty flaky guy, very much in his own world. He's a studio musician and has played on albums from big names like Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Iggy Pop, Etc... Mike is pretty freaky, and fucking "cool", in that he's so far out of the norm it's staggering, he's funny, goofy, bizarre, and the one no sane person in my family wants to "claim" as kin.

Must be why He and my dad are so close... they're both weirdoes!!! (And I am sadly the female version of my Dad.. My poor mother.)

However Mike is not the most stable of people (I mean Have you ever been almost thrown out of a pizza parlor with Alice Cooper? I HAVE!! O_O
.. a story for another day. Let's just say it involved Katie's mother saying "Help" softly under her breath spawning a rousing "Beatles" review... and it spiraled downhill from there.)

Back to Katie...

Well, Mike and Katie lived out of an RV for like the first 10 years of her life. When Katie was 5, Mike met Lilda. She's about 10 years older than my "uncle" Mike, very much a Hippy stuck in a time warp, and a teacher by trade.

So they hook up, she travels in the RV with Mike and Katie, doing gigs, doing private recording sessions for stars (The RV is a rolling Recording Studio BTW), ya know record in Tahoe or Aspen type shit.... Stars are quirky, and Mike panders to it and loves it, hell he LIVES it!!!

About 5 years ago... when Katie was 10, they decided maybe she'd had enough home schooling and she should get at least a LITTLE exposure to people her own age, and not a bunch of crazy musician "adults" in a very loose sense of the term.

So they settled in Fresno for a while, (They picked Fresno because it was close to my Dad. They Moved to San Francisco last year.) Lilda began teaching in a school system, Mike still did the recording studio and gig stuff, Katie went to middle school...

Katie is now 15, and is not going to high school, she's going STRAIGHT to college.

I'm so proud of her, she's so unique, she's bright, sweet, kind, very mature (I mean she had no child influences really, it's like some twisted absolutely fabulous scenario between her and her wacko Dad and common-law step mom.)

Her study ethics are just awe inspiring to me, she wants to be a pediatrician, she's got the grades and the drive for it too.

GO KATIE!!!!!!!!!!

I have hope for the future and I am soooo proud of you girly girl!!!

WHOO HOO! Someone in the family got the brains at last!!!!

We were saving up for you I guess!

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