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For windtear

For Raye...

This is all there is for tonight, I'm going to bed now.....


Trowa had retired to the low couch by the fire, his eyes shut as he rested and listened to the soft exhalations of sleep from Quatre. Still no changes, when sudden a large gasping intake of air shook the silence of the room, Trowa’s eyes snapped open and he watched a panic stricken youth scream and sit bolt upright in absolute terror, his eyes frantically searching the room, and fear of his strange surroundings attack him without mercy. Trowa was by the quaking youth’s side immediately, hands held out palm up, on his knees and speaking as non-threateningly as possible.

“Shhhhh, it’s all right. You’re safe. Do you understand me?”

Silence met Trowa’s words, non-recognition, or rather outright distrust and panic, and cold with fear eyes looked onto Trowa’s and Trowa felt his very heart chill in a vice like grip of sympathy.

“I will not hurt you, Quatre.”

Suddenly those eyes softened and tears began to fall as Quatre began talking and sobbing in frantic words that seemed jumbled and garbled as he tried to back away from Trowa and melt into the stone masonry of the wall behind him.

Wufei thankfully chose that moment to burst into the room, clothed in only his robe. His hair askew and his face masked with worry. He’d heard and followed the scream.

Quatre’s face turned to the door, and in one moment, the fear fell away and grief and sadness replaced it as Wufei rushed to his side.

“WUFEI? Chang Wufei?” Quatre asked in disbelief as Wufei reached his side and sat on the edge of the bed. He nodded once, and Quatre fell into his comforting embrace sobbing.

“Shhhhh. Quatre, Quatre what is wrong? Why are you here my friend?” Wufei asked in Quatre’s soft and lyrical native tongue.

It took several moments for the sobs to subside before Quatre, still clinging to Wufei in fear, could weakly answer.

And his answer outraged Wufei. He looked at Trowa and Trowa reeled in shock with the look of bloodlust in Wufei’s eyes. A look he had never before seen in his friend’s visage.

“What did he say?”

“I’ll tell you in a moment. First we get him settled. He is more than distraught and rightfully so.” Wufei said smoothing away worry lines from Quatre’s brow as he still held the weeping youth.

“Quatre, look at me my heart brother. You are safe, this man here is named Trowa Barton, he is the Lord here and he is the one who saved you. He is a good man you may trust him in all matters. He will see you righted, have no fear. We will send word to your father immediately.”

“He saved me?”

“Yes, he did. Pulled you from the sea, and cared for you himself.”

With those words, Quatre seemed to straighten with infinite pride and regal humility, as he looked at Trowa with utmost respect before shocking both men and climbing out of bed to prostrate himself at Trowa’s feet.

“Great One Deliver Me to You. I am in Debt to you. My honor to serve you, my Master, until my life debt is pay back to you.”

“Nay, get u…”

“Stop Trowa, do not finish that sentence, you’ll dishonor him.”


“No buts Trowa. His people take life debts very seriously. You DID save his life. You must allow him to satisfy his duty and honor to pay you back. To refuse him would be crushing to his entire family’s pride, he’d suicide as to not dishonor his family name. Tread CAREFULLY. Accept him, now!”

“I’ll not refuse you, but please, get off the floor. I need not a servant, you will honor me more by being my equal and friend while you honor your debt to my person.” Trowa said smiling down at Quatre and holding out his hand.

Quatre looked partially confused.

“You used too much pomp and circumstance Trowa and spoke much too fast for him. He caught about half of what you said. Allow me…” Wufei rolled his eyes and translated the whole of Trowa’s meaning.

After Wufei finished speaking Quatre smiled up at Trowa and took his hand.

“Thank you my Master.”

“Trowa. Please call me… my name is Trowa.”


“He wants you to call him by his name. He is uncomfortable with your manner and the title of ‘Master’ in his culture makes that title sometimes hard to bear. He understands your need to honor him, but he is a simple man and very kind Quatre. Do him this honor and call him by his name. Trowa.”

Quatre nodded towards Wufei and turned back to Trowa.

“Thank you, T -T- wo-wu-wuh-wah” Quatre began, and made a face as he tried twisting his tongue around the unusual name. He was absolutely and utterly charming in his chagrin and frustration.

“Forgive please, hard say name. Towowowa, Torowwa, Torowa.”

Trowa laughed and smiled, close enough. “I know, very bad name isn’t it? I had to practice to say your name too.”

Again, Quatre looked baffled.

“Trowa, you must learn to speak SLOWLY and you have a horrible habit of slurring words. I won’t always be around to translate your lazy speech patterns.” Wufei grumbled then translated.

Quatre’s laugh was divine. “Ah, I see. Then we are, as you say, even?”

Trowa nodded and pulled Quatre up off the floor. “Yes. Even. Now to bed, we will talk in the morning.” Trowa said very slowly and Quatre nodded and allowed Trowa and Wufei to direct him back under the covers.



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