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More out of context teasing...

Okay I'm giggling.. had to share more out of context ficcage.

At least I can amuse myself occasionally.

“See, and people wonder why I stay with you. You come in handy sometimes.” Duo joked getting a not too subtle glare of annoyance in return for his jest.

Duo unperturbed continued. “When you get to those pictures next to his wanker, I bet I can guess what they are gonna say.” The sentence was punctuated by rather suggestive eyebrow waggling.

Trowa began trying to stifle a laugh, it didn’t work, and he was chuckling and trying not to be loud about it.

“For once, even though you were trying to be rude, you’re probably right. Wishes for fruitful loins, and prowess are common.” Wufei was the only man alive in Duo’s opinion able to say that with a totally honest and straight face.

“Maybe I should get me some of those tattoos then?” Duo asked, with a leer on his face that well nigh defied description.

“You don’t need them.” Wufei returned, a slow lazy, half smile gracing his lips.

Trowa lost it entirely and had to excuse himself before he ruined his breeches from laughing too hard.

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