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Just a little teaser segment from the fic I'm working on.... THIS was the visual in my head that my Quatre muse DEMANDED I write.

The whole story based on this damn sexy Quatre thought:


His friends came running, unaccustomed to Trowa yelling, even when he was angry, they burst into the room, practically on Trowa’s heels.

“Wufei, I think he was in a shipwreck or something. I found him on the beach. Duo, I need anything warm and dry to put him in, and have a room made ready for him please. Wufei help me with him, let’s get these off him, and by GOD, look at all these markings. What are they?”

Duo ran to get help and do as instructed before Trowa had even finished his rambling orders. Wufei in the interim waited for Trowa to finish talking before answering his question and just helped rub circulation back into cold limbs as he studied the body beneath his hands. “Tattoos. They are tattoos.”

“Tat-what? Why haven’t they washed off?” Trowa asked as he cut free the ruined shirt and even worse pants. The clothing, or what was left of it, in a riot of exotic colors in fabrics like Wufei liked to wear. Only there was even less material, and the young man looked nothing like Wufei’s people. He was pale skinned, and golden of hair. His arms from wrist to shoulder had an intricate pattern marked into his skin, and his legs from ankle, and once he was naked it was confirmed the pattern ended at his groin. The same pattern repeated across both pectoral muscles. He was a walking painting - only the markings did not seem to wash off. In fact, the only places his skin was un-adorned was on his face, neck, stomach, posterior, hands, and feet. Every other surface was beautifully and intricately patterned and designed.

“They are tattoo’s, ink has been etched into his skin, it will never wash off.”


“Yes, it is a quite painful process. Needles, and hammers apply the ink into the skin. His appear to be a form of scripture or traditional charms of sorts. I can make out a few symbols, but I’d need more time to study the language…”

“Enough, Study him later, I do not wish to know the details right now. Look, they are even on his back… he’s covered in them, I don’t want to think of the pain involved at all.” Trowa shuddered involuntarily anyway. Those markings were very close to very sensitive areas on this young man’s body. The sheer thought, of needles and hammers being used that close in proximity to his own sex and manhood sent Trowa’s anatomy seeking safe haven and drawing up in sympathy.

I have too many other open plots, I really didn't need this bunny biting me in the ass.


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