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I live in Hell...

I miss civilization that exists in THIS CENTURY.

Let me describe my evening.

Went and got my hair cut, the roots obliterated with bleach ^_^... came home put a couple of fun little pink streaks in it cause I felt like it.

It's a really cute cut, I like it.

I then changed, and decided I've not eaten yet today, it's almost 7PM, it's dinnertime and I want Oyako Donburi.

There is only ONE PLACE in town that serves it, it's a nice little Japanese Restaurant. (They know me by name there now when I walk in the door. ><__>< I eat there a lot.)

Anyhow, I go, get a little table, order my dinner. SO far so good.

Then I start to hear it... Now... I have really BAD hearing to begin with, so for me to be able to hear this conversation going on in the table next to me, tells you that this conversation is FAR, FAR from hushed.

Since when is it a CRIME for a single woman to go out on a Friday night and sit down to eat her dinner?

Apparently A LOT is wrong with that in this town.

The list of things I must have wrong with me or are OBVIOUSLY wrong with me according to a table of 6 people MY AGE... I'd not be so pissed if this was a table of octogenarians or something. These were all Young Men and Women ages 25-35 saying these things LOUDLY about me.

1.) No ring.. yeah would YOU want to Marry THAT? *snigger*
2.) Try skipping dinner Oinker, you could skip a month actually and you'd never notice.
3.) God why do fat people have to eat out? It's disgusting
4.) Random Oinking and Mooing and laughing
5.) Let me teach you a new word... TAKE OUT (I refrained from correcting her and informing her that was two words.)
6.) God even skinny she'd be ugly.
7.) Pretty pathetic going out alone on a Friday night, I'd not have the nerve.
8.) Then it went into different scenarios of ME in various stage of "Gross out" situations
From having to sit next to me on a plane
Seeing me in a bathing suit
naked (which got a round of ewwwwwwws)

I was so close to saying something, but I just did not want to acknowledge the insults, it was humiliating enough.

Enter my rescuer...


Now *MY* Ken looks nothing Like Ken from WK.. heh heh
He looks more like the Chef from the Hot Springs Episode in Fruits Baskets. *GRIN*

Ken is the Sushi Chef, he's old, cute as button, and constantly sings when he's working. I love him to death, I want to call him grandpa and pinch his wrinkled cheeks, you can never see his eyes, he's smiling so much and his wrinkle lines from smiling so often all his life have almost totally covered his eyes.

You've all seen little old men like this.

Ken is no longer singing or smiling and he walked over very quietly, handed them their check and then tells them to pay and leave.

He's heard all of this and he's the one who cracked and "defended my Honor" so to speak.

It wasn't necessary but it was really nice of him. It's not like I haven't heard all that before, and people wonder why I rarely leave the house.


I hate "pretty" people who are so very "UGLY" when it comes to personality.

Does making me feel like shit really improve your world that much?

I just can never understand jokes made at other people's expense. I guess because I've dealt with it all my life, I've never done it to someone else. I know how shitty it feels.

My dinner is in a to go box in the fridge, I've lost my appetite for the time being. I'll nuke it later.

It's only really in small towns I've had to deal with this sort of crap. In greater LA this just didn't happen, or if it did, they did it quietly.

Small towns I guess have nothing else better to so but harass each other for entertainment.

I am right back to being 17 all over again being back in a small town.

Shoot me.

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