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The 14 year Old Fangirl.... From 1984

The 14 year Old Fangirl.... From 1984
Is alive and Well again!


I remember once in 1998, I was with my then hubby in Santa Monica, we were going to the British Section for lunch at the Cock and Bull Pub (Good Fish and Chips and they carried Woodpecker Cider I love that stuff)

Anyhow, we're sitting there, when JOHN TAYLOR walked in....


I was then 27, old enough to not get "squeely fangirl" right?


I drooled unashamedly on his very nice (still to this day nice) ASS!

My Husband (Also English) wasn't too happy. I told him to "Cope" this was the FIRST ENGLISHMAN to give me Heart Palpitations.

Both my Husband and Mr. Taylor looked a little shocked I said that, but it was the truth damn it.

I did, HOWEVER, get my autograph and a nice 3 minute conversation/worship session in... He signed a napkin for me.

*sparkly chibi fangirl eyes moment I will remember until I die!!!!*

I have it somewhere. Not seen it since I moved after the divorce.

(Craig, the EX, got his fanboy moment a few weeks later in Long Beach... We Met Robbie Coltrane, (Pre-Hagrid Days) onboard the Queen Mary. Then we just knew him from comedy venues on British Sitcoms and Movies. Craig and Robbie must have bullshitted over Beers on the Prow a good hour or more. Mr. Coltrane is a sick bastard with a wicked personality, I love him to death!)

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