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Googlism on 3x4
The complete list

key highlights that made me giggle, bolded made me laugh out loud!:

3x4 is the most advanced squeegee on the market
3x4 is probably a better size
3x4 is my ultimate fav
3x4 is one nifty cute couple
3x4 is "allowed" to
3x4 is typically large enough for most cases
3x4 is __
3x4 is absolutely *sweet
3x4 is $25
3x4 is available outside of japan
3x4 is great
3x4 is the rotation
3x4 is the same
3x4 is the homogeneous transformation from virtual object coordinates to world coordinates
3x4 is something that is…well…a rarity all it’s own
3x4 is the order of the matrix
3x4 is rather complicated in detail and need not to be shown here
3x4 is twaalf pilaartjes met een platstuk tableland erboven op (eh?)
3x4 is the commercial standard
3x4 is trowaxquatre
3x4 is convenient
3x4 is > viewable either with top and bottom cropped (HENTAI D!!!!!!)

Random Fun with Google.. that is all.


All of these lists have a least one REALLY GOOD side splitter when taken out of context (or not)!


Googlism on Trowa Barton *cackle*
The complete list

Googlism on Trowa
The complete list

Googlism on Quatre Raberba Winner *cackle*
The complete list

Googlism on Quatre Winner *cackle*
The complete list

Googlism on Quatre
The complete list

Off this list "quatre is not a female with a penis" That's off my site!! LOL I know I say this several times.

Googlism on Trowa and Quatre
The complete list

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