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Okay, why is it total strangers will tell me everything right down to their favorite sexual positions and preferences?

What the hell am I talking about?

For three days running, I've been getting phone calls from a person I knew very remotely in the fandom. This person did some great Hentai fanart for my contest I held back in January 2001.

Yes 2001

This person then sort of disappeared and I have not spoken to them in 2 years.

Phone goes at 11:30 PM! That's 11:30 at NIGHT (MUCH TOO LATE) on Saturday...

It's this person, who proceeds to talk my ear off until her phone cuts off. I leave the phone off the hook because I know this person will try to call back and it's now 2 AM. I want to SLEEP and a ringing phone in this house at that hour is a no--no.

Now during this practically one sided phone call. I learn this person is

1.) bisexual
2.) in a lesbian relationship
3.) She likes to be Seme
4.) Is Anti-Het-Relena (See D cringe) but likes her RxD
5.) Lost internet connection
6.) Trying to make ends meat
7.) Is manic-depressive


Following Morning (Sunday) Phone goes again.. It's the GIRLFRIEND of the person who talked my ear off the night before. Apparently I sent other girl into weeping hysterics for leaving the phone off the hook after the connection was lost, she tried calling back for an HOUR.

Now mind you, I had already TOLD HER right away that calling after 9:30 here at my house is forbidden. My Dad goes to bed EARLY and gets up EARLY. I STRESSED this to her at 11:30 the previous night to never call so late again.

So she tried calling back for an HOUR.. 2-3 am! GET A FUCKING CLUE! Of course I am not going to let you dial back at that hour! (And she's EST!!!!! She’s three hours ahead of me... It was already 2:30 in the morning when she initially called me. WHO DOES THIS?!?!?)

Back to Sunday... I have to explain to Girlfriend about TIME and NOT TO CALL at those late hours...

Sunday: 7:30 PM.... Phone goes.... back to girl GW fan acquaintance.... I am in the middle of Inking a pic, it's hard to stop. I tell her give me an hour I'll talk.

Hour comes and goes, no call back... I run out to store.

Apparently while I was gone she called back, but then it's already pushing 11 PM HERE my time so I do not return a call that late at night, ever. Not to mention I pay for my long distance, I'm not calling Georgia to have my ear talked off while on my dime. No fucking way.

Yesterday, I do not call back, I have absolutely NOTHING to say and bullshiting on a telephone holds about as much appeal to me as washing my vagina with sandpaper.

I hate talking on the phone with people I know and LOVE, let alone perfect strangers Whom I only know through a few drawings on the internet from 2 and a half years ago.

4:00 PM Sunday.... I took a break, went out to buy smokes... This person again called, TWICE, while I was out.



9:30 PM Sunday Phone goes for the 3rd time that day.... Three times it rings once and there is no one on the other end of the phone. On the fourth ring it's the girlfriend of the fandom girl on the phone... my Dad is now out of bed pissed, my Mother is irate and tells off Girlfriend for calling so late.


Why are these people calling? What possess people to use the phone all the times because they have free anywhere minutes after 9 PM


Look, You're a nice person. I have no problem with you personally. But please for the love of my sanity quit calling me to talk about NOTHING for HOURS!!!!!

I have learned from listening to you flap your jaw, that we have no interests in common. You even mentioned several times how unusually quiet I was on the other end.

1.) You never shut up (And I thought I dominated conversations! I'm a MUTE in comparison)
2.) I have nothing to add to your opinions
3.) They are radically different than mine and I do not want to discuss Relena Pros and cons and why you sound like an idiot with bad fandom vibes in the middle of the night on the phone with a stranger!!!!

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