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OH LOOKY! I got FLAMES today!

Weeee! *giggle snort*

This comment was made on THIS PICTURE
Ok its good in all but... why are they gay..?? Its the ppl from gundom
wing and ...THEY NOT GAY YOU STUPID ASS!! sorry bubye

Okay can someone tell me how this picture is "GAY"? I mean it's not even technically shounen ai unless you WANT IT TO BE. I think this child has issues. LOL

Next flame:

This was in reference to THIS PICTURE
YOU SUCK! That is WRONG!!! First off why is that one dude touching
himself? If your mama saw that I am sure she would rip a bit. So jsut saying you good but thats
the worst drawing i\'ve ever seen!!!

Would you rather I had left Tsume's Dick hanging out? That can be rectified ya know.


*calls mom into room, shows her picture... again. She looks at everything I do at least once during the process of creation.*

You gonna rip a bit? (Whatever that means)

Mom: "Wow, you've gotten so much better since you were a kid. That's really nice. I really like that one with the blue eyes."

Okay, obviously no ripping going on and it seems my mom is a Kiba fan.


(For those who want to see the rest of the insane comments I have... Go here

I only have up 4 pictures, and all of them have the funniest comments. Especially my Momiji pic! People can't seem to grasp trans-genderism. EVEN FANS OF THE SHOW COMPLAIN I MADE HIM GIRLY!!


Um? Are they watching the same Fruits Basket? Do they notice the constant cross dressing going on?


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