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I hate Porn Spammers!!!

Okay their newest thing....

Sending out PORN SPAM with random e-mails "source/from" addresses... well they are using MINE to spam with and my inbox is FULL of MAILER DAEMON crap where the PORN BOT using my e-mail sent something to a dead address so the bounce back comes to me.

In the past 48 hours there have been approx. 250 Mailer Daemons in my inbox.
SOMEONE is sending this Bull shite and using my e-mail, it's not a virus, my computer is squeaky clean there and all the Mailer Daemon crap is the same "Debbie is lonely and needs your big cock in her, check out her personals site..." porn spam.

How can I stop this? Can it be Stopped? Anyone else going through this sort of thing?

Pissed off at Porn Spammers!!!!

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